Its Many Essential Roles In Maintaining Your Healthy Life And Treatment Of Diseases

Interleukin proteins are essentially a group of cytokines which are in fact chemical signaling molecules secreted by leukocytes (white blood cells) and are used extensively in cellular communications within the human body.

Can you imagine the diversed and large network of communications that are being expressed every moment within your body? Could you image how its different forms can be translated into different actions, different behavior, different health condition and different physical forms each and every one of you out there may exist and exhibit? Such is their impact on your life that it is essential to know more about interleukin proteins.

Produced by a wide variety of body cells such as:-

Helper CD4+ T,
B lymphocytes,
dendritic cells and
mast cells,
interleukin proteins play a significant role in the immune system function. Deficiencies of some of them would present you with a host of autoimmune diseases or immune deficiency.

By classification, interleukin proteins have differing functions targeted towards different types of cells in conveying the different various messages in order for the targeted cells to act according to specific instructions; failure of which shall have consequences on every aspect of your health.

Amongst some of the functions of different interleukin proteins are:-

Used to co-stimulate T Helper cells, B cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells,

Noted as a chemotherapy drug, it stimulates growth and differentiation in T cell response to cancerous cells in the treatment of cancer,

Interluekin- IL4
Synthesis of the antibodies IgG1 and IgE as well as playing an important role in allergic response,

Interluekin -IL6
Induce antibody secretion and inflammation,

Interluekin – IL10
Cytokine (chemical signaling molecules) production to facilitate communication between cells on a intra-basis

Interleukin -IL12
Lack of this natural occurring protein essential for the proper functioning of the human immune system proliferates the development of many diseases, including some cancers and auto-immune disorders like Crohn’s, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis. In turn, modulating interleukin-12 levels could yield new therapies for those conditions.

Interluekin -IL15
Induces the production of Natural Killer Cells which are essential in the fight against cancer,

Interluekin -IL24
It supports wound healing, psoriasis and is a tumour suppressing protein in the fight against cancer,

Interluekin -IL28 and IL29
Play a role in immune defense against viruses and host defenses against microbes respectively.

However, due to the complex nature of your body, it is noted that there are many instances where one interluekin protein is dependent on another (induction) for a certain function (example antibody production) to take place. In short it is almost very inter-dependent of each other to effectively maintain you in a healthy state.

Scientist are still in the process of determining more information of the many functions of interluekin proteins in their search for breakthroughs in scientific researches to improve human health. Well, it will still be a long journey for them to walk but it is imperative for humans to know what God has created which human beings have yet to fully discover. It is also the hidden path to enhancing your health via the inner journey cell therapy.