Decoration Ideas For Your Classroom

Decorating Ideas

Classroom decorating is fun but time consuming. Teachers are always looking for just the right bulletin board set, poster or banner to make that special spot in the classroom stand out to the students. Here are are some classroom decorating ideas for different themes to help you find just the right trimmer, poster, banner or bulletin board set for your classroom! Take a look at our site

Use What You Already Have

Use colored print newspaper cartoons and cut scalloped edged borders out of them for your blackboard and room. Have them laminated at school. Most schools laminate for free without question. Find old wildlife calenders and use the pictures as posters or borders. Use different color construction paper in back at odd angles to add color and interest.

Classroom Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are the focal point in your classroom. Give your bulletin boards some pizzaz this year by following a few simple guidelines:

Plan ahead – Don’t wait until the night before to throw something together! Make a plan for your bulletin board for the entire school yearoffice partitioning. Order any supplies you will need a month in advance.

Update Often – To keep students interested, change your bulletin board about once a month.

Decorate like a beach. Bring in some lounge chairs for a reading area, some huge umbrellas, towels for naptime. have them to all color palm trees and birds and put them up around the room.

Zoo. Have them to all bring in a favorite stuffed animal for a month and put it on display (make sure they are out of reach, cause they will destroy them! lol) Make cutouts of elephants, zebras, monkeys etc. Get some books that go with the theme and sit them up for display. Put me in the Zoo is a great Dr. Suess Book to go with this theme!

School Party Decorations

It’s usually best to keep classroom party decorations to a minimum so you don’t distract the children during their regular lessons. You can set out school party themed cups, plates and napkins when the party starts to add some color, and maybe bring in a few helium-filled balloons—with the teacher’s approval, of course. It’s also nice to give a special hat or button to the birthday child or children to wear during the party: